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Our Promise to you:

DV Painting is a company for the future in an industry from the past.

What we will do:

We hire the best people we can find. We believe in treating them great and helping them grow. In exchange they will always treat the customer and the customers property with care. DV Painting’s basic rule of hiring staff: we only hire people who we’d trust to paint our grandmas’s house.

What we all should expect:

Everyone, including our customers, appreciates working in a professional and respectful environment and that is what we deliver. I learned long ago that working with negative people negative is the quickest way to stop loving what you do. We provide excellent service for our clients, but we expect that they will be fair in dealing with us as well, and will be respectful of our employees. Due to our efforts in building relationships with the customer and in building our team, DV Painting can offer the very best quality, in an efficient and timely manner. We take the time to identify what you want exactly, and then produce that level of work, at a fair price. We have created the preliminary estimator as a tool for home owners to get a rough idea of the cost of a project, in 24 hours or less, without having to wait for random people to meet them. It’s a close estimation, and we still have a consult before the project starts, but customers rave that they can get to a starting point so easily.If you are looking to have one room painted, or you use a painting company monthly for your rental complex, DV Painting is looking for customers who like businesses that work professionally and charge fairly.Hopefully you make the decision to join our paint revolution today.

Jason Gunnlaugson, Owner

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